HomeBhoys #18 – Lenny Comes Home

Posted on Tuesday, 2nd August 2011 by Harper

Last nights live HomeBhoys show on the Hail Hail Media channel featured all the chat about the Dublin Super Cup.

Who was good, who was bad, who should stay and who should go. Harper gave a little insight into the match day media experience in the press box and Joe gave his view from the stands.

Celtic author Paul Larkin called in from New York for an extended chat and gave us a one, true, three involving Celtic, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney and Val Kilmer… Visit Paul’s site www.lovest86.com where you can order his books.

We had a small technical hiccup where the live broadcast went off for a few mins but it kept recording so bare with us for the 5mins in the middle this happened.

We also had more calls, more chat and covered all the burning issues concerning Celtic over the last week.

Oh and thanks to Mark Anderson for designing our new Hail Hail Media logo.

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