Boo Hoo

Just what is it with Mets fans?  Perhaps every other fanbase of every other ballclub is the same but I don’t care, I’m a Mets supporter hence it’s only about the Mets for me.

I come from a different culture in Scotland when you support a team that entails you need to actually support them.  My football team Celtic, will never hear me booing a player as that is only detrimental to my team winning the game.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel like strangling certain players at times but they’ll get nothing but encouragement from me as I always want Celtic to win, and I am a SUPPORTER.

This brings me back to the Mets.  Am I a fan or am I a supporter?  Without a doubt I’m a supporter because I’ll support the Mets through thick and thin with lately emphasis on the thin.  I’m a believer in the fact we are a ballclub with our feet firmly on the ground, and have a downtrodden attitude that makes the good times all the better when they infrequently arrive.

This season 2012 has been different from recent years in the fact we have lost arguably 2 of the best players to have worn the Orange and Blue and replaced them with kids.  On top of this we signed a middle of the road closer in Frank Francisco and got Torres in for Pagan which some would see as us getting a bad deal to start with but now I’m delighted.  Taking all this into consideration you would think the fans would cut the team a bit of slack and get behind Terry and his kindergarten squad.  If we were supporters we would, but I’m coming round to the fact that a large percentage are fans and I don’t like it one bit.

Digesting the above your now asking where I’m going with this and understandably if your not a baseball fan you’d think the Mets were having a howler of a start to the season, and the FANS are rightly pissed off and letting these impostors know exactly how hacked off they are.  No, actually were sitting at 21-17 and the victim of the latest booing was Frank Francisco who got boo’ed walking on, yes walking on to SAVE a game against the Brewers, yes friggin SAVE a game against the Brewers.  Granted, Frank blew 2 save opportunities in Miami in our opener and rubber game last weekend but Frank is 9-3 for the season which ain’t too bad in anyone’s book.

Here is the crux of this rant.  Frank Francisco was actually booed as he took the mound the other night preparing to protect a 3-0 lead where we had only 3 hits against the Brewers 6.  Yes, this club is winning games that we have no right to win and we’re shoving all the crap from those doom and gloom know alls all around us right down their throats.  Yes, the New York Mets so far this season are on fire.  We’re over achieving according to some but let them bleat.  We have a manager who believes in his team and is not afraid to make the big call, we have David Wright who is the best player in the majors, we have Danny Murphy, we have Captain Kirk……………the list goes on.  On the mound we have the Ace Johan, the dream Dickey and a supporting cast who are doing the damage.

What the hell are we booing for??

Are you bitter that the club is re-building?

Are you twisted because you weren’t good enough to play pro ball and these guys are?

Are you jealous of the wages these guys earn?

Or are you bitter, twisted and jealous?

This week we have a Mr Jason Bay resuming baseball activities in Port St Lucie and I for one am looking forward to seeing him back.  I know he’s hated, yes actually hated by some Mets fans mainly because they are bitter, twisted and jealous but I’m a great believer we can change as a fanbase and become supporters and not just fans.

What do we want?  Me, for one want the Mets to win every ballgame we play.  The best way of achieving this is to SUPPORT THE TEAM.

Jason Bay never hides.  Lets support this guy when he walks up to take his 1st at bat and lets support this team into October.

Keep your boo’s for any Rat like Reyes who celebrates beating us or anyone who is disrespectful to our ballclub.

Frank Francisco has told us he likes the boo’s as he promises we’ll be cheering as the season progresses.  Frank, I never stopped cheering you buddy!!

Lets Go Mets

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