Celtic History Podcast Chapter Eight


Celtic Team 1971

Celtic Team 1971

Episode Eight 1970-1980


“The Men Who Loved the Green”



In Chapter Eight we are joined by Stephen Murray, better known as Saint Anthony from the Celtic Underground.  We cover the period 1970 to 1980 which sees the Club continue to dominate domestically yet decline on the European stage.  With an aging Lisbon Lions squad breaking up, Celtic continues to develop an ever growing home grown talent to take the place of the greatest team our club has ever known.


While the first half of the decade was blessed with stars like Hay, Dalglish, Connelly, and Macari, the second half a saw slight dip in fortune as the this success isn’t built upon with the managers of the decade face a rebuilding challenge.  Billy McNeil takes over the reins from the legend that was Jock Stein and is relatively successful despite a lack of investment from the Board.  Following on from the tragedy of the Ibrox disaster, Glasgow suffers great social unrest during the challenging 1970s. The Hoops fans however still have some magnificent successes and achievements to enjoy amid the challenges and struggles of a British Isles in economic decline.

We have Tales from the Wiki, the History of the Stadium, the History of the Celtic Shirt and all your Fan Stories and Confessions.  Jeanette Findlay also joins us with the history of the Celtic Trust and we pay homage to Johnny Doyle “The Man Who Loved the Green”


As our Eighth guest, Stephen nominates SCIAF as the nominated charity and you can learn more about them at http://www.sciaf.org.uk/


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